Fredericksburg May 2013 – Day 4

Day 4 was pretty uneventful.  Just traveling home.  The roads were great, the weather was perfect and we generally had a great time.  About the only thing that was interesting was that I was almost killed!!!

I know you’ve seen Turkey Buzzards right?  These are those big black birds that you see eating carcasses of this or that dead animal.  Or you will see them flying around in packs around something dead.  We came across a bunch of packs of these guys eating dead animals throughout the day.  The general rule when you see them is to slow way down, maybe flash your lights and honk your horn.  They will then fly off.  You have to be careful though because they take to flight fairly slowly since they are so big and you don’t know which direction their pea brains has decided to send them.

No worries then right?  Right…

Except when one is sitting in a tree right next to the road and as I’m zipping by at about 82 mph he decides to fly across the road!!!  My buddy says that he missed my head by about 3 feet and I damn well believe him.  I ducked and very luckily I managed to not hit it.  If I had, I’m sure I would definitely have gone down and probably with a broken neck.

It was one of those freak things that can occur.  I made it out alive on that one.

My buddy being sympathetic said that I should have had a GoPro running.  If I had caught that on video it would have gone viral quickly!!

Take care out there and don’t forget to duck!!

One thought on “Fredericksburg May 2013 – Day 4

  1. Mike N.

    Did I say 3 feet? I think I meant 3 inches!!! It sure looked close from my viewpoint! Thanks for ducking your head! 🙂

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